Interlagos – Wednesday
It was a wet practice session at Interlagos yesterday, in preparation for Saturday’s 1000 mile race – writes Sergio Fonseca.

dailysportscar.comThe (heavily modified) Porsche 914 3.8 turbo was unfortunately heavily modified in other ways when Herbert Gauss had a big accident.

Alcides Diniz will apparently not race his Lister at the event: something to do with medical advice.

Xandy Negrão took to the track for the first time with his ex-DTM (Martin Tomczyk) Audi TT. The team is using a replacement engine after the original broke in private testing at the Autodromo de Brasilia.

The Italian Racing Box Viper (photo) has completed its first laps of the track, and was sixth fastest.

Former Panoz Motor Sport driver Gualter Salles will drive MCR’s official entry (fifth fastest yesterday).

Notice Dutchman Michael Vergers second quickest in a Radical, with the Riley & Scott fastest again.

dailysportscar.comSeventh fastest is the Fernando Nabuco-owned, ex-PK Sport Porsche that won the Mil Milhas last year. Is that Maurizio Sandro Sala listed for this car? Some of the PK crew are in Brazil to look after this car – along with a local guy who used to be Jo Siffert’s chief mechanic.

Klaus Engelhorn is now listed in the Red Bull-backed BMW M3 (left): he and Dieter Quester / Philipp Peter will be racing the BE Ferrari at Daytona next week.

1) Flávio Andrade / Ruyter Pacheco / Felipe Giaffone (R&S Chevrolet), 1min50s884
2) Duda Pamplona / Valmir Benavides / Michael Vergers (Radical Turbo), 1min52s729
3) Xandy Negrão / Xandinho Negrão / Guto Negrão (Audi TT DTM), 1min53s117
4) Guilherme Spinelli / Maurício Neves / Beto Giorggi (Radical), 1min56s943
5) Luiz Paternostro / Giuliano Losacco / Juliano Moro / Gualter Salles (MCR VW Turbo), 1min56s631
6) Stefano Zonca / Fabrico Gollin / Angelo Lancelotti (Chrysler Viper GTS-R), 1min57s967
7) Nonô Figueiredo / Ricardo Etchenique / Maurizio Sala / Fernando Nabuco (Porsche 911 GT3-R), 1min59s902
8) Otávio Mesquita / Luiz Zattar / Marcos Barros / Sérgio Magalhães (Porsche 911 GT3-R), 2m00s405
9) Dieter Quester / Philipp Peter / Toto Wolff / Klaus Engelhorn (BMW M3), 2min01s069
10) Daniel Gianfratti / Mário Covas Neto / Pedro Pimenta (MCR Audi Turbo), 2min01s145.


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