Practice Under Way At Interlagos
dailysportscar.comThis weekend’s Mil Milhas (1000 Miles) at Interlagos in Brazil will be the first endurance event of the year, and some of the cars took to the track yesterday.

Notice a Riley & Scott with a Chevrolet engine at the top of the times (photo below), unsurprisingly, and the fact that Felipe Giaffone is leading the driving line-up for this entry.

The Porsche 914 (right) is clearly powered by something rather more up to date than its original engine - and it looks rather different too. Only in Brazil....

Thanks to Sergio Fonseca, here are the top ten times:

1) Felipe Giaffone/Flavio de Andrade/Ruyter Pacheco (R&S Chevrolet), 1min35s151
2) Walmir Benavides/Duda Pamplona/Tim Breves (Radical Turbo), 1min38s004
3) Ingo Hoffmann/Toto Porto/Ronaldo Ferreira (Porsche 911 GT3-Rs), 1min38s527
4) Guilherme Spinelli/Maurício das Neves/Michael Vergers (Radical), 1min43s303
5) Dieter Quester/Philipp Peter/Toto Wolff/Luca Cappellari (BMW M3), 1min46s529
6) Helio Saraiva Jr/José Venezian/Herbert Gauss Jr (Porsche 914 - 3.8 Turbo), 1min47s290
7) Paulo Machado/Edson Machado/Fábio Machado (FT32 Volvo Turbo), 1min49s299
8) Paulo Machado/Edson Machado/Fábio Machado (Aldee Spyder/VW), 1min49s465
9) Lucas Mollo/Nelson Silva Jr (Aldee Spyder/Subaru), 1min50s894
10) Belmiro Ferreira Jr/Nelio Weiss/Paulo Renna (GM Omega), 1min51s041.


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