Paula Tries Ice Racing
Embassy Racing’s Jonathan France arranged a guest drive for Paula Cook last weekend, driving in round four of the Andros Trophy.

dailysportscar.comThe car was rather different from the N-GT Corvette she’ll race in the British Championship this year: she was down to drive a 600cc Kawasaki-powered Sprint car.

The racing at Lans en Vercors took place on Friday and Saturday evenings, under floodlights.

“When I arrived at the circuit I thought ’what have I let myself in for’, I needed a pair of sallopettes and a snow board, not a race suit and four wheels!” said Ms. Cook “Yvan (Muller) must have read my mind, because he came over and gave me some useful pointers and put my mind at ease.”

No practice is allowed before qualifying – so off she went to feel out the car, the conditions, the studded tyres etc. … and promptly qualified sixth.

dailysportscar.comA televised press conference alongside Alain Prost was another new experience: “To be sat next to such a driving legend and one of my all time heroes was just amazing. Alain was friendly and helpful and had a wry smile when I innocently drew attention to the many years I had admired him even from being a very young girl.”

The first of the two finals saw Paula diving into a snow drift, but the second race saw her bring the little car home in a deserving sixth place.

“The Andros is a unique series and it takes some getting used to. It’s been a challenge, but I’ve loved every minute of it. The event is much more relaxed than other types of racing, it’s competitive but friendly and I’m hooked. I will be back.”

“It’s a wonderful event and a great opportunity to thank corporate sponsors of our GT team,” said Jonathan France. “I’m seriously considering a number of ways in which I can bring a team to this fantastic series.”


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