Wieth Racing Ferrari For French GTs
Wolfgang Kaufmann tipped us off about this project a week or so ago – the 2003 Wieth Racing Ferrari 550 being entered in the 2004 FFSA French GT Championship.

dailysportscar.comThe drivers will be Richard Balandras and Thierry Stepec, who managed four podium places in 2003 in the Cup Class of the French Series, in a Porsche.

The original Wieth car first appeared in 2001, but by last year had been developed into a reliable and fairly quick GT class contender – although not on a par with the Prodrive machines. Wieth is now developing a second chassis for the FIA GT Championship, leaving the first one to battle with the French GT Vipers.

The image is of Wolfgang Kaufmann at the wheel, back in March last year.


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