The Bus Stop – Part ll
Joost Custers spotted that the Spa-Francorchamps circuit is in the process of changing, and Bob Winter forwards this description of the changes. The Bus Stop will still exist…

dailysportscar.comIt's the approach to the Bus Stop that's different. Currently, upon exiting the ultra-fast double left header ("Blanchimont") there is a short straight (well, it had a soft bend to the right in it, but it was flat all the way) leading towards the left-hander part of the Bus Stop.

The changes will mean that immediately after the flat-out Blanchimont double left hander, there will be a medium right leading into what's now still wooded area, followed by a sharp left leading into the chicane (or if you try to visualize it: entering the chicane, you used to have to turn left, whereas in the future you'll be turning right into the Bus Stop, got it?).

The reason for this change appears to be safety: by adding this extra medium right / sharp left combination, speeds through the Blanchimont double left might be slower. The benefit is that Blanchimont itself will not need to change.

However, the colour coding of the map (right) doesn't suggest any slowing down through Blanchimont - or through the right hander that follows. Perhaps Spa will become even more of a driver's circuit?


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