Christmas Quiz Answers (& Winners)

With thanks to all of you who had a stab at all five sections of the Christmas Quiz. We've posted the answers to the picture questions already, and below are the 20 answers to the written questions.

The best answers came from these seven dsc readers:
Paul Mousley
Steve Kilsdonk
Jeff Renz
Kevin McCormick
Matteo Faustino
James Goodwin
(Deputy Ed.'s son - "and no I didn't help him!")
Giles Groombridge.

All seven will receive a copy of the FIA GT Annual, an we'll contact you shortly for your postal address.

The Answers

British GT Championship

1. Which was the only car to appear topless in the 2003 British GT Championship?
Richard Thorne Motorsport Morgan Aero 8

2. At which round did all five TVR T400Rs appear together for the first time?
Castle Combe

3. Which Le Mans winning driver led the field at Castle Combe?
Andy Wallace, who drove the Pagani Zonda pace car

4. Name the two New Zealanders who contested a British GT round in 2003.
Neil Cunningham and Carl Hansen

5. How many different Lotus Elise / Exiges contested at least one round in 2003?
Five – Team Wireless, RML, Scuderia Grifo Corse, Brunswick Motorsport and Lanzante

6. How many GT class cars contested at least one round of the championship?
Six - TFM Marcos LM600, Point Prep 996 Turbo, Point Preparation Porsche GT2, Colin Blower Ultima, Ferrari F40, CMS Chrysler Viper

7. What do Jeff Wyatt, Mark Sumpter, Rob Barff, Tom Shrimpton, Amanda Stretton, Mike Jordan, Dan Eagling, Adam Sharpe, Steven Brady, Aaron Scott, Michael Mallock, Bob Berridge, Paula Cook and Keith Robinson all have in common?
All raced in more than one make of car in 2003 (and all bar Steven Brady for more than one team)

8. Which ex-F1 driver was due to contest a one-off race in 2003 but his car was eliminated before he could take the wheel?
Vincenzo Sospiri

9. How many different Ferrari 360s contested a race this season?
Four - Damax, Veloqx, Virgo, Glenvarigill

10. Which car practised but never raced in 2003?
Xero Competition Cup Class Corvette.


1. How many different MG Lola chassis contested an ALMS round in 2003?

2. Why was Team Bentley relegated to the back of the grid at Sebring?
Diffuser height infringement

3. Which team failed to start the race with either of their cars at PLM?

4. What was the lowest overall finishing position posted by an Audi R8 in the 2003 ALMS?
20th at Mosport

5. How many different marques were represented in at least one ALMS round in the GT class?
Six - Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Panoz, Spyker, TVR

6. On how many consecutive occasions did a Panoz appear on the overall podium in 2003?

7. Where did the Ferrari 550 Maranello finally post its first ALMS win?
Laguna Seca – 2002 or Road America 2003. Apologies for a clumsily worded question

8. Which three ex-factory LMP drivers each raced for two different teams in two different classes in 2003?
Brabham, Magnussen, Auberlen

9. How many different GT teams registered at least one class podium in 2003?
Nine – AJR, Petersen, PK Sport, Risi, Orbit, Racers Group, Zip, J3, Seikel

10. What was the highest overall finishing position for a non-LMP900 car in 2003?
1st – Sears Point, Dyson MG-Lola.


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