DaimlerChrysler’s ME Four-Twelve
Mid-engined, four turbos, 12 cylinders – and 850 bhp.

dailysportscar.com "In terms of advanced materials, aerodynamic efficiency and vehicle dynamic performance, the ME Four-Twelve represents the ultimate engineering and design statement from Chrysler," said Wolfgang Bernhard, Chief Operating Officer of the Chrysler Group. "It's everything we've learned about creating exciting, desirable automobiles. And, as such, it's not really a concept car but is, in fact, a prototype that will be road-ready by summer."

There’s no word from the Detroit Show that this could be a GTS car for the track – but with the level of performance available, it would need some serious detuning / restricting.

Some of the features of the car:
Theoretical top speed – 248 mph
Six litre four-turbo AMG V12
850 bhp
850 lb-ft torque
1310 kg
0-100 mph in 6.2 seconds
Seven speed Ricardo Double Clutch Transmission, paddle shift
Carbon fibre bodywork and carbon fibre / aluminium honeycomb monocoque
Front splitter, rear diffuser and computer controlled rear wing
Less than a year from idea to reality.

"The ME Four-Twelve has been one of the most closely guarded secrets, not only to the outside world but also within our organization," said Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President, Chrysler Group Design. "The idea for this machine was conceived as a spectacular follow-up to the Dodge Tomahawk shown last year. The big difference is that Tomahawk was a design statement. ME Four-Twelve, however, is as much an engineering statement as it is a design statement."



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