Le Mans Series TV News
‘In order to maximise this exciting prospect (Peugeot against Audi and the other prototypes, plus several new challengers in 2007) the Le Mans Series and the ACO have decided to appoint TWI (the Worldwide agency already in charge of the Le Mans 24 Hours TV distribution) to handle the Le Mans Series TV distribution from 2007 onwards’, says today’s Le Mans Series statement.

‘The recently agreed three year deal will thus allow TWI to sell both the Le Mans 24 Hours and the Le Mans Series TV rights as a package. This will doubtless contribute to the strengthening of the media exposure of both series’.

It’s too early to say how this change will manifest itself in terms of TV channels and race coverage, but hopefully each race will be broadcast in its entirety, as they were before the 2006 season.

Motors TV tended to favour the BTCC when there was a date clash with the Le Mans Series this year.

Better TV and better promotion of the events should help take the series to the next level in 2007.

The 2007 LMS calendar should become known “very soon”.


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