Piranha At Jarama
”Just to let you know that I will share the James Watt Automotive Porsche at Jarama with Wolfgang Kaufmann and Peter Cook,” says Paul Daniels.

“Wolfgang comes with strong Porsche background (former Porsche Cup winner) and factory recommendation, while Pete is actually responsible for getting me involved in racing Porsches: I bought a 993 GT2 from him in 2000 and we ran two GT2s in the Euro GT Championship in 2001. We took a bunch of podium finishes and Pete finished runner-up in the championship (Class A) whilst I was third in Class B - so I hope the renewed partnership improves our LMS fortunes!”

Peter Cook comes off a good finish in the recent Britcar 24 Hours, while Wolfgang Kaufmann has had a “frustrating season”, his drive in the Luca Moro Porsche, in FIA GTs, having ‘evaporated’ recently.

“I’m very happy to be driving Paul’s Porsche, on Dunlops,” says Piranha, who knows Jarama very well.

“I raced there in Spanish GTs, with Paco Orti, in 2001. It’s going to be quite tricky with such a large field, and for sure there will be big traffic. But there are some nice corners for the big cars, but round the hairpins, we should be the same speed as the prototypes.”

Kaufmann has a possibility of racing a GT1 car in the last two races of the ALMS, the first of which, PLM, is six days after the Jarama race.

Here's the JWA Porsche at Donington Park, following the Team Modena Aston Martin.


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