Siedler Joins Kruse At Jarama
The German Kruse team will help a young Austrian driver make his sportscar debut in the Jarama 1000 kms this weekend. 24 year old Norbert Siedler is the reigning champion in the Formula 3000 ProSeries, but he has not driven a race since his return from the USA, where he pulled out of an uncompetitive
Formula Atlantic drive earlier in the year. Now the young Tyrolean is looking at endurance racing as a possible career path.

In a quick test at an airfield close to the team's base in Germany, before their departure to Spain on Monday, Siedler got behind the wheel of the Courage C65-Judd for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience: "At last I'm in a real racecar again!" said the young man whose daily driver is currently a humble 75hp Fiat. "Even though we only went up and down the runway, my first impression of the car is very good. The engine has a lot of top end power, and once the paddle shift system is activated it will be even better to drive."

In view of the fifth place for Kruse in the last race at Donington Park, his goal is to "give my best and try to help get my team as far up the order as possible. I have kept in shape over the recent weeks and months by working out for up to five hours a day, every day, and also cycling and driving the shifter kart. Perhaps this will make a difference in an endurance race."

In a recent interview, Siedler talked about his possible future in sportscar racing: "The Le Mans series is a good option for my future, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans has always been a dream of mine. I am very
grateful for this opportunity, and I have the distinct feeling now that things are taking a turn for the better." And about Le Mans in particular: "When you look at the terrific machines that run there, I
certainly wouldn't mind having a go one day, preferably in a competitive car."

He'll be partnered by Kruse regulars Jan-Dirk Lueders and Jens Petersen this weekend.


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