Hahn & Kruse Join Forces
Frank Hahn was understandably bitterly upset about the way his second Le Mans 24 Hours unfolded – the G-Force Courage being withdrawn on Saturday evening, after a sequence of crank sensor, paddle shift and then gearbox problems on the C65.

Kai Kruse was supporting the G-Force effort at Istanbul in April, and now the two teams have decided to join forces for the balance of 2006, racing as “G-Force Racing supported by Kruse Motorsport”.

The drivers at the Nurbrgring in two weeks’ time will be the three Kruse drivers from the unsuccessful Kruse outing at Spa - Jens Petersen, Jan Dirk Lueders and (probably) Christopher Brück again.

“Racing is a tough business and money is always difficult to find,” explains Kai Kruse. “To find a partner to help each other is much more difficult to find and that Frank and I will work together now and put all our experience together is big pleasure for me. We both know that we put so much time and energy in our cars that we felt confident to get the results one day, so we decided to get one together first.

“We will always keep the option to come back with the second car which is always in the background,” added Frank Hahn.

Here's hoping that the two of them find the sort of form shown by the orange and black Courage at Istanbu, where Ed Morris brought it home third in LMP2l.


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