Collins To Drive The ProTran At The ‘Ring
Paul Cope and his ProTran team had a real baptism of fire at the Le Mans Series event at Spa in May, with Kevin McGarrity ricocheting off the barriers at the top of Eau Rouge, back into the path of the field.

The AER turbo-powered prototype will be ready to go at the Nurburgring in two weeks’ time though, and Cope has brought Ben Collins into the fold, to share the car with himself and McGarrity.

"Ben impressed me a great deal in the Ascari sportscar and he is well regarded by many in the sportscar world,” says Paul Cope. “Ben is happy to be back in a prototype and he and Kevin should provide a very rapid package.”

Ben Collins was always a quick man in Klaas Zwart’s Ascaris, never more so than at Le Mans in the heavy rain of the 2001 race.

Here's the ProTran back in April, at its launch at Brooklands.


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