Jarama For The Fifth Race
Confirmed this morning by the Le Mans Series organisers, the Spanish circuit will replace Monza in the 2006 Le Mans Series.

‘After extensive research looking for an available circuit to host the fifth and final round of the Le Mans Series 2006, Jarama has filled the position. (on 22nd, 23rd and 24th September),’ says the official statement.

Situated 30 km north of Madrid it fills all the criteria for the Le Mans Series organisers: the same date as the (cancelled) Monza event, an interesting track and a southern location.

Conceived in 1967 by architect John Hugenholtz (also responsible for Zandvoort and Suzuka), the track measures 3.85 km. It has some history in terms of F1 and sportscars, Graham Hill having won here in 1968, the Lotus team’s first F1 win after the death of Jim Clark, while a certain Gilles Villeneuve has performed wonders in Spain, in an unwieldy Ferrari. The BPR visted Jarama in its heyday too.

We’ll gather some reactions from the teams in due course.

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