Racing for Holland Misses Spa
Engine Switch In The Dome Hybrid

Jan Lammers reports that he and Alex Yoong will not participate in the 1000KM Le Mans Series race at Spa next week (May 14).

Lammers and his Racing for Holland crew have decided to exchange the Mugen engine for a Judd V10.

”We have the highest respect for both the Mugen M-Tec organization and Engine Developments which supplied our RFH Judd engines since 2001,” commented the Dutchman. “We realized however that the time available for the task on hand was too short to be able to represent Mugen in the way that they deserve.

“We encountered reliability issues that we did not experience before, although they did not relate to the engine itself but more to components surrounding it, we deemed it wiser to count our losses now and participate with a package that we know and can be reliable.”

The Dome was fast at Istanbul last month, but vibrations caused problems, in particular with the starter motor.

"There is a harmonics difference between a V8 and V10 engine and it appears in the different behaviour of the components surrounding it," explains Lammers. "The components must be developed with a different - time and money consuming - strategy which is not affordable for us at this point. This is the same as current F1 teams experience with the new V8 engine regulations and they are also working very hard in this area.

“Le Mans is a fast and demanding track and both from safety and reliability point of view we felt that we had to act responsible towards our supplying partners Dome, Dunlop and Xtrac,” added Lammers.

“For now we are waiting for new parts to install the Judd GV5 S1 engine. It is a 5 liter engine as opposed to the 4 liter that we ran in previous years, but since this is the Hybrid bodywork, it requires some alterations. Quite frankly we thought we would make it for Spa, but unfortunately we can’t.”

So a late switch of engines (heading towards Le Mans) for the brave Dutch team – but based on the performance of the five litre Judd V10 already this year, they've chosen a very sensible alternative.

“Keep an eye on our web site “ continues Lammers. “Within the next few days we will open our shop and you can buy a ‘ball’ on our car via credit card..

“Whether you want to spend € 100 or € 10.000, -- both are welcome and all is possible!”

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