Short / Greaves / Fisken In The Radical At Spa
After that sparkling debut at Istanbul, Martin Short’s Rollcentre Racing will again be running one Radical SR9, at the next Le Mans Series event at Spa (May 14). The team owner will again be partnered by Radical’s Tim Greaves – and with Gregor Fisken racing for the team for the first time too.

“We can’t get the bellhousing in time for my car (the third, AER-powered chassis),” explains Tim Greaves (seen at Istanbul, below).

Rollcentre is likely to have its second chassis in Belgium: “It should be ready to take to Spa as a back-up,” says Martin Short.

That Istanbul debut has generated “an amazing amount of interest” in Rollcentre Radicals, “the word having seen what a stunning car it is going to be. I’ve got a long list of drivers who want to race an SR9.”

Gregor Fisken is at the top of that list, the Scot having been speaking to Martin Short during the last 12 months.

“He’s been a stalwart of Le Mans Series racing,” comments Martin Short, “and is very serious about endurance racing.”

Fisken raced a P1 car, the Jota Zytek, at Istanbul last November, and a P1 again at Sebring (the Highcroft Lola): perhaps he won’t even notice that he’s in a P2?

The first Rollcentre chassis has had a complete strip-down since Istanbul, and revisions are being built into it, ahead of a shakedown next week.

“We’ve flagged up some areas of the car where we need to make some changes, and they’re being addressed now,” says Martin Short.

“For the first time ever in a prototype, I’m taking on the lead role (at Spa),” adds the team owner. Yes, but he effectively did that at Istanbul, on Friday afternoon (right) – when the SR9 was fourth fastest overall, fastest in P2.


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