Yoong Joins Lammers
In an arrangement that gets underway on Sunday, at Paul Ricard, Jan Lammers’ Racing for Holland team – running the Dome S101 Mugen Hybrid – will have Malaysian A1GP driver Alex Yoong (right) as one of his co-drivers this year.

”One of the pleasures of this first A1GP season is that it really has brought people together through the A1GP “nation vs. nation” concept,” says the Dutchman. “One of the people that I have met and have been very impressed with is Alex Yoong, and we are looking forward to working with him over the coming months.”

The timing works perfectly, because the A1GP season winds down at Shanghai a week before the Le Mans Series starts at Istanbul. Besides the five Le Mans Series races, Yoong is planning to be on board for Le Mans too.

After the Ricard test, Lammers and Yoong will fly to China for the final A1 GP race – where the Malaysian will race against Holland’s Jos Verstappen.

“I have always wanted to drive the Le Mans 24 hours and to be able to do it do it for the first time with such a well known and respected personality and driver such as Jan Lammers is an excellent opportunity,” says Alex Yoong. “It has been a pleasure and a challenge to race against his team in A1GP and I look forward to racing with him throughout the summer months.”

As already announced, sponsorship for the RfH Dome will be generated by the ‘soccer balls’ that form the livery of the car.

“When I learned that the start of the Le Mans race was postponed by one hour to accommodate the end of a World Cup soccer match,” explains the 1988 Le Mans winner, “I realized the influence of World Cup soccer. I wondered ‘How will we get in the sports papers’? Well if you can’t fight them, join them…… So here we are.”


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