RML Tests AER Engine
The Mike-Newton owned MG Lola EX264 has been running at Snetterton recently – the second time as recently as today, March 20 – with its newly-installed AER two litre turbo engine.

“The team had to burn the midnight oil getting it together for the test last week,” said AD Holdings Group MD Adam Wiseberg - but the EX264 ran trouble-free (on March 13) during the first track test, despite more of the “really arctic” weather that has hit the UK recently.

Even in those conditions, the MG Lola, in Tommy Erdos’s hands, lapped “quicker than at Snetterton last year.”

A week later and it’s almost as cold at ‘Snett’, with some rain sweeping across Norfolk first thing this morning – but slicks were fitted mid-morning, and the team continued clocking up the miles.

On the driver front, Jonny Kane is supporting Mike Newton and Tommy Erdos today, and will do so again at Paul Ricard this coming Sunday and Monday.

“There weren’t enough teams keen to run all night at Ricard, but we’ll be running as much as possible, right up to midnight on Saturday, then start again on Sunday morning,” says Adam Wiseberg.

Jonny Kane played a significant role with the EX257 model when it was being developed (with some amazing pace at Sebring, in testing in 2002), while the broadly similar (to the EX264) Intersport chassis, also AER-powered, finished second overall in the 54th running of the 12 Hours.

Images from Snetterton to come.


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