Chamberlain-Synergy At Estoril
The Chamberlain-Synergy team has just completed a highly satisfactory, two day Dunlop tyre test at Estoril (Saturday and Monday) with its 2005 LMP2 Lola and the brand new B06/10 AER V8.

“First day on track and we covered 100 laps in the LMP1,” says Bob Berridge, “which is remarkable for a brand new car and engine.

“Then we covered 120 laps today – with myself, Gareth Evans and Peter Owen driving.

“Nothing has gone wrong, nothing. It’s run like clockwork. This Lola is a brilliant car, a fantastic car. It’s run just as reliably as the LMP2.”

Bob Berridge’s best lap has been a 1:28.7, while the crew in the B05/40 have lapped in a best of 1:31 or so, which compares very favourably with a time Guy Smith set in the LMP2 late last year.

“Mike Lancaster from AER has been with us for both days, and watching him work has shown up what a clever guy he is. His new engine is just stunning.”

Berridge has lapped Estoril 50-60 times during the two days, while his partners have each more time than that at the wheel. With apologies to Dunlop for not seeking a comment regarding tyres – but this test was also a shakedown of the new, very yellow Lola B06/10, and it’s difficult to imagine that a team could be any happier than the Chamberlain-Synergy boys, after a first test with an all-new car.

Notice in this image that the team name on the rear wing is reversed... and Dave Lampitt is having his lunch!


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