dsc 2005 Awards 17 – European Non-Driver of the Year

Multiple nominations again here, with Stephane Ratel’s efforts in rebuilding the FIA GT championship, is media delegate Jacquie Groom’s efforts in serving the press corps, and commentator extraordinaire David Addison all getting the quality seal of approval from our judging panel.

Prodrive’s David Richards gets a vote here too (apparently more popular in Europe than the USA!), as does Audi’s engine guru Ulrich Baretsky (just how significant will his 2006 efforts be?).

Third place here is a regular nominee, and with good reason. His love of sportscar racing is undiminished, despite it having been the core of his full time employment for almost a decade. With modest financial rewards on offer, he has personally championed the interests of a succession of teams and drivers and without his tireless efforts dailysportscar simply would not be possible. It is of course Malcolm Cracknell.

Second place goes to another older gentlemen with a beard, who has a reputation for sometimes being a little grumpy! Joking aside, Henri Pescarolo’s efforts in putting together a winning LMP1 effort in the LMES and the best shot in years of a French overall win was brave, well worked out and added enormously to the show. To be beaten at the main event by the Audi R8 must have been a crushing blow, but his team stayed firm and won the LMES.

dailysportscar.comThe winner though is really our kind of sportsman.

Not content with running a brand new Porsche RSR for paying customers, he dusted off his old 911 GT3R, already a championship winner in 2004, used his own money to help fund a three race effort from Lieb and Pompidou, and took all three wins and the LMES GT2 title (again).

dailysportscar.com’s 2005 European Non Driver of the Year is Hugh Hayden.

“Three races and three wins with a Porsche from Y2K!” David Legangneux

“Old car, Old school values. No new tricks required in 2005 for the old dog!” Graham Goodwin.



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