dsc 2005 Awards 5 – European Car of the Year

Another award that attracted a wide range of nominations. Among the GT ranks the triple championship winning Ferrari 550 Maranello found fans, together with the Corvette C5-R - GLPK and SRT’s efforts attracting admiring glances.

Among the prototypes, the superhuman efforts of Laurence Pearce and his merry men in rebuilding the Storm LMP to hybrid spec, Henri Pescarolo’s LMES winning hybrid and the brand new ‘baby’ Lola B05/40 also featured in the voting - but missed out on the ‘podium’

Third place here goes to the new for 2006, and very beautiful, Aston Martin DBR9, its looks, sounds and performance whetting the appetite for glories surely to come for the revival of a famous racing marque.

Second place went to one of the oldest cars in the field – still winning races, and big ones at that, a fifth Le Mans 24 Hours in six years and an exciting win in the Silverstone 1000kms too, despite power sapping restrictors and ballast – the evergreen and legendary Audi R8.

dailysportscar.comThe winner though is one of the pretenders to the Audi’s throne. Searing pace and now reliability too. A race win at Spa and a fabulous win from the back of the grid at the Nurburgring for the factory run car, plus real speed too from the Team Jota car. A very honourable mention here too for the ‘prototype’ Creation DBA.

dailysportscar.com’s 2005 European Car of the Year is the Zytek 04S.

“Making Audi and the rest work for it!” – Janos Wimpffen

“In its non-hybridised version – I hate to see it go.” – Johannes Gauglica


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