Hayanari – Heading To London
dailysportscar.comThis young man has made a big sportscar impression over the last two or three years, in particular this year. dsc readers will be delighted to hear that he’s been passed fit to travel from Sydney to London tonight (after his massive A1GP accident at Eastern Creek), but it’s not clear yet whether he’ll be fit to race at Istanbul this weekend.

“We’ll have him looked at by a specialist in London,” explains Zytek’s Race Director Trevor Foster. “The bruising is coming out, but we can only take it day by day. If he is passed fit to race, we’ll still have to have a third driver in Turkey, because we won’t be sure how he’ll react to the G forces of being back in a car.”

So Trevor Foster is actively looking for a third driver for this weekend, to join Tom Chilton and, hopefully, Hayanari Shimoda.

The young man is currently leading LMES LMP1 driver points, and is the only driver with two LMES overall wins to his credit this season. He and Tom Chilton have won twice together this season, at the Nurburgring (below) and Laguna Seca. He would have to race for at least an hour to score points at Istanbul.

LMES LMP1 Driver Points
1 Hayanari SHIMODA 27

2 Jean-Christophe BOULLION 24
- Emmanuel COLLARD 24
4 Vanina ICKX 22
- Martin SHORT 22
5 Nicolas MINASSIAN 18
- Stéphane ORTELLI 18
- Allan MCNISH 18
9 Tom CHILTON 17
10 Sam HIGNETT 16
- John STACK 16


PS: Lola personnel are delighted (if that's the right word) with the way the Team Japan A1GP car stood up to the accident last Sunday. Lola's Sam Smith: "This was an accident of enormous violence and yet again the driver was completely uninjured. We estimate that he had six massive impacts on the roll hoop including it hitting the concrete retaining wall at about the worst possible angle. It is another ringing endorsement of our designers' and assembly engineers' diligence and skill that Hyanari is unscathed. The FIA crash test that the hoop undergoes sees 7.8 tonnes applied to the rear roll structure at a compound angle and 7.5 tonnes applied to the front roll structure, again at a compound angle. These are both static tests. With the amount of horrendous impacts the car went through, it is nigh on impossible to design a safety hoop that will survive that amount of continuous load.That is why we have a solid structure below the actual hoop that is taller than the driver. This is called the plinth and is designed to protect the driver in the event of a multiple impact that rips the hoop itself off.

"It has to be said that our A1 GP project engineer Andrew Murdoch, who was in Australia, along with the composite design team of Craig Turner, Paul Rennie and Mark Hartnett deserve great credit for their work.

"We wish Hyanari a swift recuperation and a good race this weekend. Hopefully we (Lola) will be celebrating a title along with him."


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