Monster Accident For Shimoda
Hayanari Shimoda had a huge accident at Eastern Creek, Sydney, today, in the feature race of the A1GP event.

He went off at the fearsome, flat out, Turn 1, and totally destroyed the Team Japan car, but mercifully was substantially unhurt. The Lola flipped in the gravel trap, then hit the wall at a bizarre angle, the force of the impact wrenching the engine and gearbox from the tub.

Shimoda was momentarily knocked unconscious, but by the time he was extracted from the cockpit and taken to the medical centre he was conversing with the medical staff. A preliminary examination by Dr Paul Trafford, the A1 Grand Prix Medical Delegate, found no further injuries but the Japanese driver was transferred by helicopter to Westmead Hospital for a CT scan and further precautionary checks.

We’ll have to wait and see whether he’s fit enough to race at Istanbul, in the concluding round of the LMES in a week’s time – where he should have been going for the LMP1 drivers’ title.

Here he is (first image) following Neel Jani, on Saturday at Eastern Creek. Turn 1 is in the bottom left corner of the second image.

LMP1 Points Before Istanbul
1 Hayanari SHIMODA 27
2 Jean-Christophe BOULLION 24
- Emmanuel COLLARD 24
4 Vanina ICKX 22
- Martin SHORT 22
5 Nicolas MINASSIAN 18
- Stéphane ORTELLI 18
- Allan MCNISH 18
9 Tom CHILTON 17
10 Sam HIGNETT 16
- John STACK GB 16
- Joao BARBOSA 16


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