LNT Esperantes Start Intensive Test Programme
The winter test programme for the Team LNT Panoz Esperantes started in earnest at Pembrey with a 'behind closed doors two day test with Panoz chief designer Christian Rushforth and Elan Power engine development chief Derek Peacock joining the regular LNT crew.

Team Principal Lawrence Tomlinson shared driving duties with Warren Hughes in a variety of weather conditions with both cars proving to be both reliable and capable of posting impressive times.

The team have since returned to their Yorkshire base to install more developmental parts and updates shipped from Panoz ahead of a full development and test programme.

The cars will test for three more days in the UK during late November before heading off to mainland Europe in search of warmer weather.

Team LNT have exclusive test days booked at Nogaro in the south of France on the 1st and 2nd of December and Barcelona (GP circuit) for a two day exclusive tests on December 8th and 9th.

The Nogaro and Barcelona tests are currently exclusive however a very limited number of cars/teams can be included on these days.

Any interested teams should contact Rodney Farrell at Team LNT on 01909 515116.

The pre season test programme will restart with a further outing in mainland Europe ahead of a trip to the USA for early Sebring acclimatization.


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