Pullan In The Pilbeam
Simon Pullan has had a relatively quiet year – apart from racing an ex-Kremer Porsche 962 – but will be in the Pierre Bruneau Pilbeam at Istanbul next month.

“Jean-Philippe Peugeot couldn’t race in the last race of the LMES season, and Pierre asked Mike Pilbeam if he knew of a likely prospect to fill the seat. Fortunately Mike thought of me.”

Quick, experienced, Spa 24 experience, and he raced the K2 Pilbeam at Silverstone last year – Simon Pullan seems to fit the bill perfectly.

“Pierre was happier once he knew that I had experience of longer races,” says the man who was very nearly a British GT Champion in 2002. “I was in contact with Mike anyway about a possible Pilbeam for next year, so it all fits together very well.”

Pullan was impressed with the MP93’s speed in qualifying at the Nurburgring in early September – a 1:50.583, just over two seconds away from the Tommy Erdos pole lap, and will be looking to close that gap in two weeks’ time, all the while aiming for a good finish for the (so far) unique Pilbeam.



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