Jota Drivers / Plans
With the final LMES event at Istanbul just over the horizon (November 13), we can start looking ahead to the last 1000 kilometre event of the year.“Our truck leaves next Thursday (November 3),” says Jota’s Sam Hignett, “but that’s all I’ll be driving.”

Hignett has ‘replaced himself’ with Turkish driver Jason Tahinci (right), who has “done some demonstration runs at Istanbul in F1 cars, and tested for Jordan, so he’s used to fast cars and knows the circuit.”

The Jota line-up currently looks like John Stack and Gregor Fisken joining Tahinci.

“Our championship challenge effectively ended on lap 15 at Spa,” comments Sam Hignett, “when Haruki (Kurosawa) was assaulted by the spinning Ferrari, so we’re using the last race as a driver evaluation exercise for next year.”

dailysportscar.comThe team’s best result so far was the second place at Monza.

The Jota crew are assisting the Team Russia A1GP project throughout the winter season, so the mechanics will be in Australia (Eastern Creek) the weekend before Istanbul, and the delightful prospect of “three hours at Heathrow” awaits them as they return from down under, and then head straight to Istanbul.

Sam Hignett has some interesting decisions to make regarding 2006 plans, but nothing is confirmed yet.


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