Privateer Corvettes In 2006
How Many, To Whom?

dailysportscar.comDoug Fehan took time out this morning at Laguna Seca to explain how the available Corvette race cars will be made available by GM.

"As with any major corporate entity GM has a procedure that must be followed when any asset is disposed of.

"The process is now being handled by GM's Asset Recovery, and we're getting to the point where sealed bids will be submitted, I'd expect around 10 or 12 and most of them from Europe.

"There are several cars available but the cars that are realistic, competitive racecars are the two current C6.R race cars and chassis 10 C5-R. I'd expect to see all three racing next season, the C5-R will still be very competitive in Europe."

As to the who or the where, Doug Fehan's lips are sealed but there's no secret that the cars Team Corvette are really interested in racing against next season are the DBR9s and Fehan, typically, is ready willing and able to put personal time in to support any drive for sponsorship to bring the green cars stateside for 2006.

"It's a tough thing to go against Team Corvette and if I can help anyone to understand what they might get in sponsorship value from competing here I'll be only too happy to do so."

It ain’t like this in Europe!


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