Creation’s 2006 Hybrid
We deliberately paused a week or two before posting this news item – because we were waiting for some wind tunnel news, from the Creation Autosportif team.

It’s common knowledge that the outfit was looking at a hybrid version of the DBA 03S, but the story has moved on considerably since the LMES race at the Nurburgring earlier this month. And it’s all very positive.

“We were in the wind tunnel with the original model of the car for two days,” outlines Ian Bickerton. “We weren’t doing any development work at that stage: Ian Smith and the two aerodynamicists we’re working with were simply gathering the figures on the existing car. We wanted to have the true figures ourselves, before we looked at changes for 2006.”

But since then, the extremely positive news is that “we came out of the wind tunnel last night, with the hybrid package. It’s very, very encouraging.”

This is the original model of the 'Reynard', now owned by KW Motorsport.

"This model gives us a platform for LMP development and offers the flexibility to develop hybrids as well as new chassis to the new aerodynamic regulations in LMP1 or LMP2," comments KW Motorsport's Kieron Salter.

The optimism among the Mike Jankowski – Ian Bickerton team is such that the latter is happy to state that “we’re definitely going to run one hybrid next year, and we’ve got a lot of interest from people who’d like us to run a second car. There are some very talented drivers who can see the potential of the hybrid version.

“As a hybrid, it’s going to be outstanding….”

Bickerton credits some of the potential for next year back to the fact that “the base car is so good. I said from the time that we purchased this car that everyone should have one – they’re that good.”

Of course, there are only two others in existence (the 04S versions), so it will be very interesting to see how a 2006 plan comes together, for two cars.

The factory Zytek has already demonstrated its potential to US teams and drivers, at Mid-Ohio, and it would be unbelievable to imagine the three DBA / Zytek chassis not racing next year.

Bickerton and Jankowski are also looking ahead to 2007, when the plan is to “run our own car.”

dailysportscar.comThe Creation Autosportif DBA 03S may not have won an LMES race, yet, but it has a future now into 2006, and a significant advantage for next year is that the engine(s) won’t suffer from the smaller restrictors that have been the one slight negative performance factor this season: Nic Minassian was clearly very keen to lead the Pescarolo into the first corner at the Nurburgring, because he didn’t want to get bottled up behind it, again.

The team’s set-up there was infuriatingly not quite right, which meant that another race slipped through the team’s grasp. But post-race despondency has been replaced by pre-hybrid optimism.

Istanbul in November has to be the last race (in Europe) for the three 03S / 04S chassis. For 2006, at least one of them will be racing as a 900 kg LMP1 hybrid, with the engine choice of the Creation car yet to be finalised.


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