An Aston Martin Debut For Dor
A last minute change of plan at Convers Team sees Frederic Dor form part of a three man driving squad (with Darren Turner and ex-Renault V6 single seater racer Rob Bell) at the Nurburgring this weekend.

dailysportscar.comDor is of course the driving force behind CARE Racing and the Ferrari 550 and Aston Martin DBR9 (and DBRS9) programmes.

The Nurburgring will see him taking in his first competitive laps in the Aston (beyond some testing time early in the programme). So how does he find the Aston compares to the “Old Lady” Ferrari 550.

“Well the Ferrari is still a very good car of course, very competitive in this series and in pure performance terms it is very similar to the Aston, not really surprising as there is a major effort from the ACO and FIA to ensure that the regulations keep the cars close together. The DBR9 though is an easier car to drive, more progressive particularly at the rear, so it should be better over a longer distance.”

And what of the prospects of a DB9 derivative in GT1, GT2 and GT3 racing?

“That is what I was just talking to the ACO about. I don’t want to create a GT2 Aston, the costs involved in the new GT2 cars are completely stupid, the Ferrari 430 for instance will cost 450,000 Euros and its engine will need the same kind of maintenance (and expense) of a GT1 car. We should concentrate instead on a GT3 car and a category to run them in.”

And how was that received by the ACO?

“Well they don’t want GT3 cars at the Le Mans 24 Hours, they quite rightly say that they have more than enough GT2 teams wanting to run there. What we could look at though is a GT3 race supporting the LMES. I have spoken to Claudio Berro (Maserati Motorsport chief) about their plans for GT2 and have told him that instead we should be encouraging privateers to join in at GT3 with a view to them stepping up as GT1 customers in later years.”

And how is the DBR9 project going, are cars still being sold?

“We have sold 14 cars and most, if not all, will go racing."

Will we see the Team Dubai project emerging soon?

“No, I’m afraid that won’t be going ahead with the GT1 cars, (Marco) Saviozzi has gone back to the UK unfortunately."


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