DBRS9 – For British GTs & The LMES In ’06?
Autosport has got the jump on us on this story, but we can add some other tantalising details….

Peter Kox was testing an Aston Martin DBRS9 at Snetterton last week, on Dunlop rubber. He suggests (in the weekly magazine) that in its current form, the car still needs some work “to make it competitive in GT3”, but a number of potential entrants have suggested they would be interested in running it as a GT2.

“I have heard serious talk that a GT2 version is on the cards,” says Embassy’s Jonathan France – and it is our understanding that a two-car team of GT2 Aston Martin DBRS9s will be racing in the LMES in 2006. Others will logically follow…. perhaps in the UK too.

Phil Hindley at Tech 9 is also of the opinion that the DBRS9 will end up as a GT2 car in 2006.

The car was launched at Le Mans in June, but without Prodrive or Aston Martin Racing specifically stating which class, or classes, it was aimed at.



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