The Answer To All Sam’s Needs
The last week or so has seen an amusing bout of Piers Masarati and Sam Hignett ‘wind-ups’ on dailysportscar…. Sam tipped us off that Piers was in Las Vegas last week, and could have been about to marry girlfriend Lisa (which caused Piers’ mum a nasty turn – sorry Dot, we knew they weren’t about to be wed), so revenge was rather sweet, as we royally ripped the **** out of Sam during the LMES meeting at Silverstone.

Now you might have read that Sam Hignett had (virtually) volunteered to be dsc’s pit runner at the Britcar Silverstone 24 Hours: he felt that there would probably be some lovely ladies present at the event, and .. well, you know the rest. We felt that it would be a hoot to see how a driver coped with a 24 hour race – without sloping off for a lie down fairly regularly!

Harry Handkammer has neatly provided the solution that wraps this sequence up perfectly. The story goes that this young lady (below) just happened to turn up while the GTS Motorsport BMW was being tested at Snetterton recently. Harry – if you could just make sure that she turns up to the Britcar 24 Hours, Sam’s little life will be complete! Harry's GTS BMW is set to be driven at the 24 Hours by himself and David Leslie, plus Guy Smith and Anthony Reid.

Revenge (again) is sweet, eh Piers?

Only one guess needed about the likely topic of conversation between Sam Hignett and Phil Bennett… boys will be boys….

With apologies to lady readers of a sensitive nature.


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