The New Lister Hybrid – First Test
You’ve been very patient, but finally here’s the new Lister Hybrid - testing at a dry but overcast Snetterton on Monday, with Justin Keen and Jens Moller doing the duties. Mike Hoyer captured the images of the car's first run .....

Laurence Pearce is encouraged - no very encouraged - by the first day’s testing. But that’s all it’s going to get before its public debut at Silverstone on Friday.

“We covered 100 laps trouble-free, and we had no issues whatsoever – it was absolutely trouble free,” says the team owner.“We could lap comfortably in a minute dead, on very old rubber. We were doing 15 lap runs - and it's actually overcooled.”

He’s sensibly wary of making too much of this new project though, so soon into its life.

“The potential is there in a big way, but there’s a lot to sort out. We’re not even sure what’s the best ride height to run it at.”


“The power is very good – but this weekend will be low key for us. It’s the next stage of our test programme.”

No Jan Magnussen this weekend, because he’s racing at Watkins Glen on Friday evening – but he’ll be back for the Nurburgring next month. Justin Keen and Jens Moller will be more than happy to bring this car home to the finish at Silverstone on Saturday evening. Keep your fingers crossed for the team – it’s so new, they haven’t got any spare parts yet!

Mr. Pearce is still working on attracting the racing budget for the rest of the season: his success in this area will govern where and how often the Lister Hybrid appears in the next two or three months.... perhaps a first look at the car will start at queue of backers at his door? Or potential purchasers?


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