A Warm Welcome To Lucie Rose C-W
dailysportscar.comJamie and ‘Moppy’ Campbell-Walter became proud parents for the second time at the end of last week, Mrs. C-W giving birth to blond-haired Lucie Rose.

Mum and daughter returned home to the C-Ws’ thatched cottage in Wiltshire on Sunday, and “that was a good night, but last night wasn’t,” says JC-W. “I’m looking forward to Silverstone this weekend so I can get some sleep!”

Lucie joins 16 month old Harry C-W in the Wiltshire ‘stable’, and we believe that two children will be enough – “That’s it!” said Dad, “no more.”

JC-W and Nic Minassian will be totally focused on the 1000 Kms from Friday morning: the whole Creation team deserves the result that has eluded them for the last 15 months.

Nappy duties until then, Jamie?


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