Still 50 At Silverstone Next Week
The third round of the LMES could still have a 50 car entry next week - but the factory Lucchini has been withdrawn (as it was from the Le Mans 24 Hours).

Tracsport, as announced here this week, keeps the entry at the 50 car mark, with the ex-JCI Tampolli-Opel, now being fitted with an AER 3.0 (Nissan-based) V6.

Del Delaronde, Richard Jones and Eddy Morris will drive.

Delaronde's Lifeforce company - - Insure You EndureTM - has a natural affiliation with endurance racing. The website has considerable motorsport-based content, plus of course a full description and explanation of Lifeforce's business model.

Silverstone entry list here


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