A:Level Porsche – Making The Grade
Wolfgang Kaufmann was “very happy for the mechanics” after last Sunday’s Monza 1000 Kms – because the GT1 Porsche had secured its first finish in the series.

dailysportscar.com“We finished the race, and that was really important for everyone. I’ve been involved since the beginning, and I’ve experienced all the problems, but noticed the progress too.

“At the Nurburgring last year we had engine trouble, then we were slow on the straights at Silverstone (and withdrew) and had handling problems at Spa in April.”

Wolfgang suggested that the car had been lucky to survive a tyre blow-out in Friday practice, but we’d suggest that was largely his skill at work, bringing the car to a halt with no further damage – from top speed past the pits.

“We had quite a few problems in the race, but the mechanics fixed them all. I was unhappy in the first stint of the race, because a warning light was on, and I had 0.2 Bar less boost than usual – which meant that I had less power than a GT3-RSR.

dailysportscar.com"The radio wasn’t working well, so I couldn’t tell the team what the problem was. I kept pushing, but it was very frustrating.”

It turned out that the electric water pumps weren’t working, so the whole engine was far too hot, and had gone into a safe mode. The fix was relatively straightforward: it wasn’t the pumps themselves but the fuses carrying the current to them.

“Marcel Tiemann took over and the boost was fine, but then a carbon pipe to the airbox broke, so we had no boost again. He pitted, they fixed it, but the repair failed at the first chicane on my out lap – so I had to pit for a more robust repair.

“I then finished that stint with no problems – until I felt something wrong at the rear. That turned out to be a slow puncture. Marcel had a problem with the throttle cable connection in his next stint, but I finished the race with a good stint, our lap times were OK (a best of 1:50.7) and we finished sixth.”

With five weeks until the next race, A:Level Engineering has time to work on developing out the little niggles that did their best to prevent a first finish with the big Porsche.



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