Short – Going Radical?
Radical’s Mick Hyde (official title, ‘Radical co-founder) was present in the Rollcentre pit at Monza last weekend, so dsc poked its nose in to find out the full story (the outline of which you may have read already).

Martin Short: “We’re looking at a liaison for next year (to run Radicals in LMP2) – possibly two cars. I saw Peter Elleray (the designer of the SR9) last week, and we’retalking to Mick, who is here on an exploratory mission.”

dailysportscar.comMick Hyde (left): “The project is now finalised and we’re talking to different teams. Martin phoned us after Le Mans, and we’re excited about the possibility of a top team running our car(s).

“We’ll definitely, 100%, run a Radical works car in the LMES next year, and we’re talking to Michael Vergers about driving it. We’d love to run our car alongside a Rollcentre effort: here’s an experienced team, running in the LMES for the second year.”

Martin Short: “We’ve got a choice: we either go hybrid next year with the Dallaras, or we run Radicals. The company is just 30 minutes from our doorstep, and I’ve known Phil (Radical co-founder) Abbott for 11 or 12 years.”

So a decision will need to be made in due course – but there will definitely be at least one Radical running in the LMES in 2006, or perhaps three.

Mick Hyde was surprised to have David Lord chasing him for this photograph. Mick backed away as the lens was aimed at him, thinking that Lordy must have selected someone else. No, you Mick!

The chassis patterns for the all-carbon SR9 are being manufactured right now. Dunlop has confirmed that it will provide the company "with a works tyre deal," according to Mick Hyde.


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