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The latest in the line of Lola B05/40s was testing at Most last week (Thursday-Friday, June 30-July 1), Fredy Lienhard (below, right) and Didier Theys (below) completing 450 kilometres, in less than favourable conditions.


dailysportscar.comThe Lola Judd ran perfectly, with no problems at all, and both drivers were very complimentary about it, on first acquaintance. Its next run will be at Monza on Friday, in practice for the 1000 Km.

“We now have five competent and ambitious customers in LMP2 (Horag, Chamberlain-Synergy, Binnie, RML and Intersport),” says Lola’s Sam Smith. “There are several more in the pipeline and we believe that we could have as many as ten of the B05/40s running by the start of the 2006 season.

“RML did a superb job at Le Mans to win the LMP2 class, in the car’s first ever 24 hour race,” continues Sam Smith, “but as yet the car has not really shown its true pace in qualifying trim. Monza and Silverstone should be a good indication of what it can achieve compared to the LMP1 cars. In quick corners at Monza, such as the Ascari chicane and Parabolica, it will be interesting to see how much speed the B05/40s can carry through onto the following straights. The LMP2 class has come in for some pretty harsh judgements so far, but it has all the ingredients of being a very close and dynamic class, with an interesting combination of teams and constructors.”

dailysportscar.comMeanwhile, work has been on-going with Lola’s LMP1 version, which is to be known a the B06/10. Wind tunnel work started in mid-May, and will continue throughout June.

“Julian Sole (in charge of the design team that built the B01/60 and the B05/40) is working with senior aerodynamicist Phil Tiller and ex-Champ Car, aero guru, Dan Cox,” adds Sam Smith.

“Under the leadership of Head of Engineering Julian Cooper (a passionate sportscar devotee), we have a solid and proven team of major engineering talent at Lola.”

We look forward to details of the B06/10 becoming available – and to seeing the latest of the B05/40s in action at Monza at the end of this week.

Here’s Markus Hotz’s complete Horag Racing team, at Most last week, and Fredy Lienhard at the wheel of his new car.




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