Saturn Courage Is Back?
The Spanish team Saturn Motorsport team has been in possession of a Courage C60, chassis #1, for several years - this being the one used by Philippe Gache during the 2000 and 2001 24 Hours, the "Speedy" Courage, which was Judd-powered at the time.

At the start of its ownership, Saturn had it fitted with Chevy V8, but despite indications that they would race it, they never did. Jesus Diez Villaroel did some laps in the 2004 pre-season, but weeks later it was for sale. It was still available as late as last December.

dailysportscar.comBut all the team really want to run the car, and they tried to enter the Van de Vyver Modern Sprint. Unfortunately for them, the Courage C60 was rejected.

The Chevrolet unit wasn’t the ideal choice for the nimble C60, so the plan is now to fit a Judd V10. Luís Llobet and Víctor Fernández Roca are competing in the Eurocup Mégane trophy and Spanish GT Championship this year, in the latter with a SEAT Toledo GT. They are currently looking very seriously at running the Courage in the LMES, but have yet to set a date for the return to the tracks of this car.
Sergio Fonseca

It will be a fairly quiet day at dsc now, as we set off on our ‘invasion’ of France. Next news should be the result of the Sahlen's Six Hours at Watkins Glen, plus race report from Russell Wittenberg. We'll leave you with these images from the Le Mans test day on June 5 - plus one more news item.


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