TVR & Panoz Wins In GT2
On The Same Day
The TVR win was amazing - comments historian Janos Wimpffen. In answer to your question about "when was the last time that a non-Ferrari or non-Porsche won the GT2 class (or its equivalent)", the best answer would be BMW at the 2001 Petit Le Mans. This discounts all the various "guest" classes at the Spa 24 etc., and of course discounts anything in Grand Am.

2001 Atlanta was the last of the run of BMW victories. To find a non-Porsche, non-Ferrari, non-BMW win it would be 1998 Petit Le Mans, Mazda RX-7. Then it gets tricky as in the "old" FIA GT the GT2 class had the Oreca Vipers while GT1 had the Mercedes.

But of course all of these are major manufacturers, while TVR is...small. To find an equivalent, we need to back to 1996 Zhuhai, where Marcos won the the FIA GT 2 class.

But having a TVR and a Panoz win GT2 on the same day, one would need to go back to the last Ice Age to find that.

How will Porsche react, do you think?


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