Theys / Lienhard Lola B05/40 Confirmed
Sometimes we do need to wait until a team is ready to announce its plans – but now it’s publicly acknowledged that Didier Theys and Fredy Lienhard Sr. will begin a new era for the pair by debuting a Lista-backed Lola B05/40 LMP2 car at the Monza LMES event in July.

Power comes from the 3.4 Judd XV V8.

The car will be entered by Markus Hotz's Horag Racing, based in Sulgen, Switzerland, just a few kilometers away from Lista's corporate headquarters in Erlen.

The team expects to race at Monza, Silverstone and the Nurburgring – then decamp to North America for Petit Le Mans – and return to Europe for the fifth LMES race at Istanbul.

The Horag-Lista team plans to entire entire the LMES schedule in 2006 and 2007, with the target of securing entries at Le Mans. Sebring and PLM will feature on the schedule in 2006 and 2007.

"Racing again with Markus and Fredy in Europe will be just like the old days," said Didier Theys said. "I think we'll have a very competitive package with the Lola Judd. I know we're starting in the middle of the season this year, but we're looking at it as great preparation for a full assault on the championship in 2006."

"After retiring from Grand American racing in 2004, I thought my racing career was over," commented Lienhard Snr., "but I very quickly found out that my life would not be as enjoyable without racing. I look forward to the friendship in our Swiss-international team and the many experiences and challenges ahead of us. I am also extremely happy to be racing in the United States again, first in Atlanta, followed by Sebring in early 2006."

So no more Lista-backed Grand Am racing it seems. We thought Fredy Lienhard had retired – welcome back sir.

"When I look to the experienced people we have assembled and the motivation of our team, I think we're ready to take on the challenge,” summed up Markus Hotz. “We have the full support of the factory, which makes us sure that we have chosen the right car and the right engine."

The car is expected to look something like this.


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