Very Interesting Rollcentre Line-Ups
The two Rollcentre Dallaras at Spa this weekend will be driven by the following:

Car 18 Dallara Nissan
Michael Krumm
Andy Thompson
Joao Barbosa
Car 8 Dallara Judd
Martin Short
Rob Barff
Vanina Ickx

So it’s welcome back Rob Barff, who last drove for the team at Le Mans, and welcome to prototypes Andy Thompson – joining Barbosa and Krumm in the Nissan-engined car.

“Didier Theys was due to be with us, but unfortunately he has had to pull out of Le Mans and the rest of the season, owing to a new project he’s involved with,” explains Martin Short. “Unfortunately this means we can’t accommodate him at Spa – which is a great shame as he did a fantastic job at Sebring.”

We can't mention any details of that new project yet.

Short describes Rob Barff as “a very welcome addition back with the team.” It’s great to see the smiley Barff back in a prototype.

“It’s a one-race deal at the moment,” says Rob Barff, “but I’m aiming to stake a claim for a seat at Le Mans if at all possible. It’s too long since I last raced (the Lister at Silverstone last August), but I’m very familiar with the Dallara Judd.”

After Le Mans, Barff is looking to race more in America – because…. his girlfriend is none other than Katherine Legge, who won the Toyota Atlantic race at Long Beach at the weekend. Chris Dyson finished fourth in that one.

Katherine is the first lady to win a Champ Car sanctioned event – and the first lady winner of a significant single seater race since Desiré Wilson won a non-championship British F1 race in 1980 – the year Katherine Legge was born.

Back on topic….

Andy Thompson has two years British F3 experience behind him, and made his GT debut at Sebring, in the IN2Racing Porsche.

“As soon as he sat in the Dallara and played with the paddle shift, he was sold on the idea,” explains Short. “It will obviously be his first prototype drive, but he’s raced at Spa half a dozen times already – and I’m sure Michael and Joao wll be perfect teachers.”

Vanina Ickx we’ve already introduced, after her test of the Judd-powered car at Snetterton recently.

Meanwhile, the Rollcentre workshop was still a hive of activity late this evening, as the team installed the Nissan V6 into car #18.

“We’ve got through a lot of development work since Sebring,” says the team owner. “The power and torque figures are looking good, with a lot of attention having been paid to intercooling. We’re looking forward to this weekend.”

This will be the first time the team has raced two Dallaras. Ballast and restrictors will have an effect on the LMP900 cars, but the likes of Barbosa, Krumm, Barff and Magnussen (in the Lister) – plus the Audi of course – should make it a very interesting LMES event at Spa.


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