New Qualifying Format For LMES
Now we should see some dramatic action, of the right sort, in LMES qualifying, starting at Spa next week.

The single, 40 minute session will be split into two, the first 20 minutes for just LMPs, the second half for GT1s and GT2s.

So we have three one hour sessions on Friday/Saturday, and then:

The first 20 minutes will be reserved for LMP1 and LMP2 cars.
At 20 minutes, the Clerk of the Course will show the GT board on the finish line.
Then the pit lane will be open for the GT1 & GT2 cars.
At this point, the LMP1 & LMP2 cars shall return to their pits.

Any LMP car which does not return to its pit following the display of the GT board will be moved down two places on the grid for each extra each lap covered.

Qualifying should be very entertaining – with 23 LMPs and 28 GTs on the track.


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