Vanina – Rollcentre Dallara – Spa
Now here’s an an interesting tale – Vanina Ickx was testing the Rollcentre Dallara Judd at Snetterton today, and Martin Short described her performance as “outstanding”.“First time at Snetterton, first time in a prototype, she was very calm, she looked at the data – and went out and found three seconds.”

Martin Short was reluctant to reveal times, but he did admit that “we matched the times we set here last year, despite the 50 kg of ballast and smaller restrictors.

"The Michelins were incredible, they give you so much confidence. They start off fast, get faster, and then stay consistent throughout. It was damp this morning, but once it dried out, we stayed on the same tyres.”

dailysportscar.comVanina Ickx lapped “within half a second of my best time – she was incredible.”

The Belgian fast lady will be racing a Rollcentre Dallara at the Spa 1000 Kms, on April 17 – precise line-ups still to be announced.

Also testing at Snetterton today was the James Watt Automotive Porsche (also racing at Spa next week), Paul Daniels at the wheel. These two teams were taking advantage of the circuit’s special rate of £1500 per car.

“A fabulous day,” summed up M. Short.


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