Magnussen - Lister - Spa
Sometimes you get a piece of driver-team news that makes you sit up and think...'yes, that's going to be very significant'.

Part of the story is clear from the headline - but the complete news is that Jan Magnussen and Jens Moller have signed to drive the Lister LMP at Spa next month, in the LMES Spa 1000 Km, with regular man Justin Keen.

Jens Moller was testing the LMP at Snetterton two weeks ago - where the car just went round and round and round - and the subject of another Dane driving the car cropped up. Moller suggested Magnussen to Pearce, contact was made, 'Mags' was free and the deal was done.

We commented very favourably on the performance of Justin Keen in the Lister at Spa last September: now Laurence Pearce has Jan Magnussen in the car. The Lister is running as a restricted / ballasted 2004 car this year, but just suppose it's wet at Spa (which is highly likely in April)? Look for Jan Magnussen to do what he does best - take on all comers. There's a connection already between 'Mags' and the Lister's engine of course: the Lister-developed V8 is based on the Corvette LS6 unit.

Jens Moller raced the Lister LMP1 at Le Mans last year, in Essex Invest colours. The ACO declined to invite the Lister back this year, so we'll have to wait and see what Laurence Pearce's plans are for the LMP for the balance of the season.

Two Lister Storm GT cars are testing today, at Snetterton: the Justin Keen / Liz Halliday FIA GT car and the Zonca / Bellichi Italian GT car.


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