Mundy Buys The Sebah Porsche
We knew that someone would snap up Hugh Hayden’s LMES Championship winning Porsche – and the buyer is Graeme Mundy.

dailysportscar.comHe drove the Racesports Salisbury TVR in the first three LMES events last year (at Monza, right), then switched to the Seikel Porsche at Spa in September – his first drive ever in a Porsche.

“We know what the car can do,” says Mundy, “and we also know what the team can do. Hugh Hayden is a super, super guy, so helpful and straightforward. I put the idea to him that he ran the car for me, which makes a lot more sense than taking a separate trailer to the events for one car.

“Hugh has given me the option of his team entering the car, or I enter it. We haven’t finalised the details yet – but we’re committing to do the whole LMES this year.”

Just like everyone else, Mundy is awaiting the travel package for the fifth race, at Istanbul, but is likely to enter on a race by race basis (full season entries are due in early next month).

“I’ll be bringing JCB backing again, so the car could be in yellow and black – or maybe silver and red, we’re not sure yet. I’ve got several people interested in driving it already, but obviously I’m looking for suitable talented partners, with funding,” says the car owner (e-mail link).

He’s also contemplating racing in the Magny-Cours FIA GT race (when the British GT runners join the FIA cars).

The LMES certainly made an impact on this driver last year, Mundy enjoying nothing more than driving the Racesports motorhome to Monza in May 2004, for the opening round. That event was just the start of a fabulous run for the Sebah Porsche, and with the Sebah crew looking after it again this year, what can Graeme Mundy and partners achieve at the wheel?

This is Piers Masarati at Silverstone last year, on the way to second in class in the Sebah Porsche.


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