Wolfgang’s Plans (A-Level Porsche)
Or Should That Be Porsches?

We admired the challenge undertaken by Vladimir Raikhlin and his A-Level Engineering Porsche in 2004, but the car’s (first-year) performance didn’t match everyone's expectations.

However, meeting Wolfgang Kaufmann at the NEC on Thursday (Jan. 13) produced some encouraging indications from ‘Piranha’. However, he was reluctant (strangely so, for him!) to provide any quotable remarks on this topic, perhaps for fear of upsetting the racing gods, before anything is confirmed.


We’d have to agree though, it would be fantastic to see the big, grey, turbo Porsche racing internationally this year. The team just needs a chance to make the car competitive.

dailysportscar.comThere is sufficient support for this effort to be able to confirm that the A-Level Engineering team is building a second car now, and expects to be out testing in February.

The nine-strong A-Level contingent at the NEC had arrived by Mercedes mini-bus, and Wolfgang was getting ready for a nine-hour marathon journey back to Germany, beginning on Thursday evening.

If plans come together as the team would like, the impressive-looking GT1 Class 911 could be racing in some FIA GT races later this year, and perhaps the Spa 24 Hours too. No drivers have been confirmed yet, other than our Norschleife specialist, who – somewhat worryingly – has promised to give any dsc’ers at the ‘Ring in September a blast round the Nordschleife in “something very, very fast.” Oh no…….

Wolfgang’s other 2005 plans include the Czech Endurance Championship in the Renauer GT3-RS, plus some races in the team’s Tampolli, plus the Nurburgring 24 Hours in a Porsche, plus some FIA GT races in a 911 GT3-RS. That sounds like a fairly full season – but what Kaufmann really wants is the chance to take on Saleens and Ferrari 550s in the grey turbo Porsche. For now, the company of the Dunlop girls should see him through the rest of the winter.


David Legangneux rightly points out that the team is A:level, not A-Level, Engineering: thanks David.



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