Fifth LMES Race?
A fraught and frantic day at the NEC yesterday (Jan. 13) left the dsc crew with much of its 'to do' list accomplished - but with a couple of items not yet accounted for.

dailysportscar.comFor example, is there going to be a fifth LMES race? We didn't find Cyrille Taesh-Wahlen from the LMES, so we're going to deliberately speculate.. with the help of a comment from Lola Chairman Martin Birrane.

"There will probably be a fifth LMES race," Birrane (right) said yesterday - and if the speculators who mentioned one particular location are right, it could well be in Turkey.

Creation's Mike Jankowski has an alternative idea: "Why don't they make the fifth race Petit Le Mans - then the ALMS would probably have the cars at Laguna Seca too."

Jankowski is a huge fan of the end of season ALMS races (for Europeans).

There would be a problem over grid size and paddock space, but wouln't this idea bring the two series together? Just dreaming, perhaps. If there isn't to be a fifth LMES race, European teams could decide to race in America anyway.

We'd have to agree with Martin Birrane when he said that "this is a good time to be involved in sportscar racing." Five races or four though?


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