No RS Spyders At Le Mans In 2007?
Porsche AG Executive Vice President Wolfgang Durheimer gave a long speech at the Porsche Awards dinner on December 16, and although many of the guests missed a reference to the news due later today, Michael Cotton didn’t. There was a clear mention of Dyson Racing and a pair of Porsches…

Michael Cotton indicates that Herr Durheimer thought it was important to disclose this important news at such an important gathering.

Michael then spoke to Wolfgang Durheimer afterwards, and the Vice President said that it was unlikely that we will see an RS Spyder racing at Le Mans in 2007 “but I am confident that the RS Spyder will compete at Le Mans in 2008.”

The ACO has made it clear that the diesel rules that applied in 2006 will also apply in 2007 (apart from the smaller fuel tank – 90 litres down to 81), but there seems to be a possibility that the diesel rules for 2008 might be adjusted.


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