Cunningham Takes On A Shark!
Before you start reading the actual news item, just remember this: Neil Cunningham is bonkers!

Remember his first experience of the straights at Le Mans this year, in the Barazi-Epsilon Courage?

“Jees mate. You’re going so fast down the Mulsanne, you’ve only got time to say ****ing hell three times before your braking point! I was so excited afterwards I couldn’t send a text message.”

And then: "I could smell a good barbecue at Mulsanne Corner. Pork sausages I think. I had a spin at the first chicane on Mulsanne, as I put the power down. That car has got some power. I loved it."

With the Australian’s 2007 plans to be announced soon, he’s had to be getting on with other things during the winter season – so what better than a spot of surfing off the Canary Islands? “Off Porto Ventura – but the locals call it Suicide Beach…”

Yes… so… what happened?

“I got hit by my board: it’s a nasty old cut on my head, which needed 12 stitches.”

And here comes the best bit…

“There was so much blood in the water, it attracted a three foot hammerhead shark. The trouble is, when you see one that size over your shoulder, it looks about seven feet long. I thought it wanted to eat me!

"It's amazing how fast you can paddle when you've got a shark near you."

The first vehicle to arrive on the scene was actually a police car - fully equipped with "some wipes and a plaster that you'd put on your little finger."

David Lord took the image of the recovering Neil Cunningham (below) at Donington Park on Thursday.

Fortunately, the bang on the head hasn’t knocked any sense into him.

“Everyone has been taking the p1ss out of me,” says the unsuspecting Cunningham. "Jonathan (France) said I was really lucky it hit me in the head."


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