T2M’s Dome LMP2
Claude Foubert at www.endurance-info.com has written a very interesting news item – which is that Ietoshi Kaneko’s T2M has confirmed that it will race an LMP2 Dome in 2007.

The chassis will be the same as the LMP1 version for Jan Lammers’ Racing for Holland version, but Kaneko has yet to make a decision regarding the engine for his car. He is expecting delivery in March – which seems likely to make the first few weeks of this project fairly interesting ones…. The aim is to race in the Le Mans Series and at Le Mans, entry permitting.

"I considered two categories, LMP1 and LMP2, but in LMP1, there were Audi, Peugeot, others...,” says Kaneko, on the French language website. “I thought that LMP2 would be more accessible.”

If he can gather together a large enough budget, Kaneko will select his drivers: if not, he will be seeking funded drivers.

So a GT2 team is about to step up to LMP2: it is likely that the next few days should be very interesting ones regarding other prototype projects, in particular in LMP2.


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