Audi’s Bio-Diesel Plan
Race Tech magazine was behind the World Motorsport Symposium that was held at Hendon in North London at the end of November, and thanks to an item that has just appeared on the website (spotted by a very attentive ten-tenths forum contributor), Audi’s likely Le Mans plan for 2008 suddenly becomes apparent.

Audi Sport’s head of engine technology, Ulrich Baretzky said this: “We want to use the R10 programme to develop combustion technology for a future target for us in the VW Audi Group. That is to go a step beyond oil and gas based fuels. As soon as possible we would like to use Biomass to Liquid (BTL) fuel. That means that we will be using synthetic fuels made from renewable sources. The best part is that the transformation process can be CO2 neutral. All of the C02 absorbed by the plant is burned. That’s environmentally friendly motorsport and we hope to introduce BTL fuel in 2008.”

The full overview of the R10 TDI engine will appear in the January issue of Race Tech magazine (link) – with Alan Lis’s name to it. Alan is currently in Florida for the PRI Show – but is obviously unable to forward any more details, because Race Tech will have the full story next month.

John McNeil and the NASAMAX project were the first to demonstrate renewable fuels at Le Mans. Now it seems that Audi has a plan to develop the advantages of its Audi R10 TDI along environmentally friendly lines in 2008.

NB. Alan Lis points out that Biomass is generally taken to mean crop waste, as in the inedible parts that are usually discarded after crops are harvested and the food part extracted.


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